Mayumi Miyaoka

Brooklyn Accordion Club
Workshops & Concerts
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020

Brooklyn Accordion Club (BAC) is a casual gathering of accordionists and enthusiasts of all ages and levels. BAC provides a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment for musicians to perform, opportunities for musicians and enthusiasts to connect to each other and exchange ideas, and opportunities to learn about accordion and other instruments, and listen to the wide array of music that can be played on accordion.

Mayumi Miyaoka founded the Brooklyn Accordion Club in February 2013 with the aim of building a community of accordionists and accordion enthusiasts, and providing fun learning opportunities for the community.

The BAC started with six casual gatherings with volunteer performers in 2013. Today, each meeting is two-hours long, open to the public, and held at a local public venue. The gatherings consist of casual performances by accordion players of all levels and ages. Anybody or group, as long as it has an accordion, is welcome to perform at the meetings. In addition to the casual performances, BAC holds three to five workshops and concerts each year. For example, in 2017, Hanzhi Wang, a young world championship prize winner from China gave a small concert in February. In April, Dr. William Schimmel, a world renowned virtuoso accordionist presented a lecture titled "Thinking inside the Box" demonstrating the ins and out of the accordion as a musical instrument and cultural tool. In September, a Brooklyn local accordionist, Rob Curto presented a workshop titled “Luiz Gonzaga and the Story of Forró”.

In September 2014, the BAC published the first issue of a zine titled ‘SqueeZine!’ to showcase the accordionists and accordion enthusiasts in the NYC area. Since then, the collective has published four issues of the zine.