Heather María Ács

Femme Power Productions
The Space
Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Fort Greene

In this radically fun, episodic dramedy, a group of lovable, queer misfits fight to save their beloved Brooklyn club from eviction. Can this constellation of multiracial, gender-expansive “queerdos” keep the party going (without the cops getting called) while falling in love, facing addiction, tackling non-monogamy, and simply paying the rent? This project is a love letter to my communities and a gift to the world beyond. I started my company, FemmePower Productions, with a commitment to center underrepresented artists in front of and behind the camera. I believe that telling queer stories about joy and resilience is an act of resistance. My work expands beyond LGBTQ coming out stories and trauma narratives. My projects are embedded in honesty, conflict, and vulnerability, but my characters do not die. We do not lose. We survive. And thrive. All while looking fabulous. This series combines the exciting exploits of queer relationships, growing up, heartbreak, and healing, with the timely danger of disappearing spaces for underrepresented communities. The “looks” are fresh and fashion forward, the soundtrack current and queer. In the spirit of shows like Vida, Insecure, and Broad City, this series fuses humor and authenticity, placing subcultural characters in the spotlight.