Persephone DaCosta, Sesame Flyers International

My Brooklyn, My Arts
Artistic Discipline: MultidisciplinaryInterdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts FundLocal Arts Support
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Brooklyn

My Brooklyn, My Arts, is a multi-discipline, multi-dimensional community arts project. In response to Covid 19 Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter, the project is designed to offer services both virtually and in person. With this project, youth ages 6-21 will be trained by teaching artists to utilize their ideas and feelings to create movement & performances. While their training will be mainly in dance, students will participate in discussions on topics such as the importance of community, safety, becoming positive successful citizens and how to deal with issues that impact them. Youth will provide performances to organizations like Senior citizen homes, Hospitals, Community Centers etc. These theme based performances will be based on the students’ discussions. The final performance will be a FREE arts showcase. Youth will also participate in virtual master cultural dance classes given by international artists. This project will also offer FREE summer community dance class at Prospect Park .