Daniela Holban

Repopulations: New Horizons
Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Greenpoint

'Repopulations: New Horizons’ is the second iteration of the Climate Week-inspired art exhibition series Repopulations which focuses on environmentally-themed subjects and takes place yearly during the summer months. The exhibition will be part of the larger NOoSPHERE Arts': WE ARE NATURE Summer Series: art events that will make full use of the unique stage setting of the green roofs at Kingsland Wildflowers bird sanctuary in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and engage a diverse audience in environmental efforts through art. For the 2022 season, the theme is ‘Patters of Connection’ inspired by essays written by the eco-literacy scholar, Dr. Fritjof Capra. The series will be made up of over five public events running from May 28 through September 24, and around which artists will create new, site-specific works for the one-of-a-kind urban wildlife arenas. These live art pieces will be complemented with poetically presented fact-based input from Dr. Capra in the form of readings, virtual and/or in-person appearances. NOoSPHERE Arts’ multidisciplinary rooftop programming instills belief in personal agency through collective action. The art exhibition will include site specific art installations, a selection of artworks from 20+ local artists alongside video and performance elements.