Heather María Ács

Femme Power Productions
Radiant Flux - Queer Series
Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Fort Greene

Radiant Flux is a sexy, subversive half-hour dramedy about a group of lovable queer misfits who must fight for their right to party when the eccentric landlord threatens to close their underground club, the gritty, glittery home for this chosen family. Gender-expansive and multiracial, their existence IS resistance, so it’s a triumph to have a place of their own to host drag shows, band nights, and community events, like self-defense classes. Hopeful and hilarious, our earnest ensemble must save their space amidst the everyday escapades of navigating polyamory, tackling addiction, and simply paying the rent. Heather María Ács (she/her/Mx.) is an award-winning writer/director whose work celebrates queer joy and resilience, transporting the viewer to a color-popping world of dance-floor magic with characters who are determined to not only survive, but THRIVE. All while looking fabulous. Mx. Ács’ work has been selected for Gotham Week Project Market (‘21), Series Mania Digital Forum (‘22), and Stowe Story Labs (‘21). Her films have played internationally at Big Apple Film Festival NY (Best LGBTQ Short, FLOURISH, 2020), London Short Film Festival, Mardi Gras Film Festival (Australia), and Oaxaca International Film Festival. Mx. Ács is working-class raised, Appalachian, and mixed-race Anglo-Chicanx.