Kwame Brandt-Pierce

Shabazz B. Spacely's Cabinet of Intergalactic Curiosities
Artistic Discipline: Multidisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Crown Heights

Shabazz B. Spacely’s Cabinet of Intergalactic Curiosities is an Afro-Futurist museum exhibit and immersive experience blending puppetry, video, and sound design. The piece plunges the audience into the world of TRiPTIC, an Afro Futurist multi-verse incorporating Khemetic (Ancient Egyptian) and Yoruba Mythology (IFA). This project will take place at The Brooklyn Children's Museum, and has three components: MUSEUM EXHIBIT, IMMERSIVE and ART WORKSHOP. The Museum Exhibit component consists of alien artifacts, objects, and "live" specimens from various planets and trans-dimensional realities within the TRiPTIC multiverse. Artifacts and specimens are displayed in glass cases with placards detailing each artifact’s ritualistic purpose, genome, and planet of origin. The audience is free to roam the museum exhibit as they gather cultural information pertaining to the larger world of TRiPTIC. In our Immersive Component the audience boards a “spaceship” bound for Teluron Prime, a distant planet best known for its Sonic Forests (vast stretches of wilderness comprised entirely of sound waves). Once there, audience members encounter 3 alien ecosystems and coax various creatures out of hiding through specific movements and variations of sound and silence. We will also offer Art Workshops where families can create projects inspired by artifacts found within the TRiPTIC multiverse.