Robert O. Duncan

Bachtopus Accordion Ensemble
Bachtopus 2022 Composer Commissioning Fund
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Williamsburg

The Bachtopus 2022 Composer Commissioning Fund is designed to commission original music from Brooklyn composers for contemporary accordion ensembles that will be performed throughout Brooklyn and online. Bachtopus is an accordion ensemble from New York City that performs chamber music by contemporary composers and Johann Sebastian Bach. The ensemble is one of the few accordion ensembles in the United States that focuses on living composers. Having established a large repertoire in just a few years, Bachtopus seeks to perform more original compositions, commissioned works, and contemporary music that is novel, interesting, and accessible to the public. The accordion is a portable and versatile instrument that has been adopted by folk musicians around the world. Yet, this relatively new instrument is only recently receiving attention from conservatories, composers, and patrons of chamber music. This commissioning fund is designed to (1) provide composers with an opportunity to learn how to write for the instrument, (2) expand the repertoire for accordion ensembles, and (3) promote awareness of modern accordion music in Brooklyn. The project should result in several new works for accordion ensemble and several public performances of these works in Brooklyn.

Photo by Sara Gordon