Summertime Gallery

“Portal to the Once (un)known”
Artistic Discipline: Multidisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Williamsburg

“Portal to the Once (un)known” is a community-based project inviting artists with and without disabilities to collaborate and participate in site based drawing sessions where artists will observe and share memories spurred by their surroundings, using each and every one of their senses. Margot and Shmuel will hold an open call for up to 6 artists to lead site-based art making sessions, each site will represent a joyous memory. The 6- 8 sessions will be held at a site of the respective artist’s choice, with the understanding that the sites will be transformed by the public participants. Artists will share the joyous memory that occurred at the site and everyone will then create artwork in the space, amongst each other. Margot and Shmuel will return to Summertime Gallery, where the installation of a “Portal” will be constructed. Margot and Shmuel will then transform the space into a massive portal that will evolve as the residency unfolds. It will include a multitude of sensorial elements; mainly audio and visual. Housed as part of Summertime’s residency program, “Portal” will take place over the course of three months, the final installation will be open to the public for one month during Gallery hours.