Vong Pak

The Salpuri Dance for Blessing and Peace
Artistic Discipline: Dance
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Cultural Heritage & Diversity
Grant Year: 2022

The Salpuri is music and dance for blessing and peace. It is originated from ancient Korean ritual rite and has passed down through Korean's vein for a few thousand years. It has structured in the late eighteen century. There is authentic groove of Korean music and core esthetic of Korean dance. The harmony of ga-mu-ack and the dynamic balance of jeong-joong-dong movement is one of them. The holistic expression of Korean performing art, <The Salpuri Dance for Blessing and Peace >, with Pungmul, Binari, Korean court music, improvisation can bring the unique beauty of the Korean performing art to New York. Especially this event performs by elder generation of Korean immigrant artists then they carry the authentic groove and movement of the traditional Korean performing art. They play and pray for our community and world peace.

Photo by Brooklyn Conservatory Music