Womxn's Tango Collective

La Nuestra Tango Festival
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Fort Greene

La Nuestra festival is conceived as an inspired act of resistance to traditional notions of Tango. This proposal is urgent and necessary in addressing a century of oppressive traditions. As a culture we have far outgrown the gender inequality and oppressive norms that are still alive and well in Tango. We envision this festival as a new wave that ushers in awakened consciousness, sensibilities and values that are relevant to the spaces we occupy and reflect a cultural and artistic landscape that we want to participate in and have the power to create. We will take our inspiration from female Tango musicians, spotlighting the first and only all-women, diversity-affirming tango orchestra based in North America - “Solidaridad Tango.” These women are pushing against the boundaries of traditional Tango music. In this festival, we will follow their lead as the impetus to transform the arts and culture of Tango towards a more humanistic, embodied form which reflects equity and women’s empowerment.