Inner Arts Initiative
Where Land Meets Sky: Geophonic Transmissions for the Body
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Williamsburg

Long before there was the word, there were the sounds of the earth. from the distant thunder to the cresting wave, the elemental forces of nature shaped the land and in turn, these sounds etched themselves deep into our bodies and our psyches. the geophonic sounds of the natural world, such as thunder, rain, and wind, are guiding forces that surround us each day, cuing our bodies into the seasons and rhythms of our dynamic planet. however, these sounds have been slowly masked by the pervasive impact of humxn presence. yet, we still call upon these elemental sounds for healing and peace. we play the rain to fall asleep. we listen to the ocean to relax. in essence, the body remembers the elements. in its deepest memories, the body holds the water, the stone, the wind, and the fire. so that these elements are not distant forces, too large for comprehension, but grounding energies that are alive within us and around us. in this 4-part community listening series, participants will be guided through an immersive somatic-sound journey of each element, uncovering the deep connection between body and earth, and how geophony shapes our inner and outer worlds.

Photo by Chris Dingman