Sparks LeoNimm

St. John St. Matthew Emanuel Lutheran Church
"Discovering Our Inner Clowns"
Pronouns: they / them
Artistic Discipline: Performing Arts: Clowning
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Park Slope

Spark LeoNimm is a professional troublemaker. They are a 15-year veteran of professional therapeutic hospital Clowning (Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit & Healthy Humor, Inc) as well as a founding member Joker/facilitator of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. They also teach Clown to elder artists through Brooklyn Arts Councils’ SU CASA-grant. Spark is a Gold Medalist (NY Clown Theatre Olympics, for Eccentric Dancing), a 2 time Best of San Francisco Fringe winner (for Physical Theatre and Comedy) and a Best of Fringe winner for the Chicago Fringe