Circus Amok

Artistic Discipline: Performing Arts
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Justice, Equity, & Sustainability
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Williamsburg

Circus Amok is a New York City-based experimental circus/theater company bringing free public art addressing contemporary issues of social justice to our fellow New Yorkers. Each year, Circus Amok creates new work mixing circus arts and traditional political satire with experimental theater, music, and dance. We bring our productions to underserved populations of all ages by performing in public parks, playgrounds, community gardens and other outdoor public spaces in ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods across New York City. Our raucous, joyful alternative circus is a critical tool for animating cross-cultural communication among neighbors, embodying our aim of cultivating an engaged, empowered citizenry, a public that also understands the place and power of art within everyday life.

Photo by Kip Rathke, 2022