exquisites reading series
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant

exquisites is an queer reading series in Brooklyn, NY co-hosted by danilo machado and Em Marie Kohl. The curatorial style of the series is inspired by the surrealist game exquisite corpse, where the whole is made collaboratively. In that spirit, danilo and Em select an initial writer for each reading who begins a chain of nominations (they nominate a poet, who nominates another, and so on). As the series grows, a non-hierarchical constellation of intersectional queer and trans poets (at various stages of their careers) grows. exquisites readings are held first Thursdays at Art Cafe + Bar on Pacific St. in Brooklyn. exquisites is excited to announce that they will be expanding in the coming months with a chaplet print series and community workshops. The expansion of exquisites is in part made possible by funding from the Brooklyn Arts Council and Poets & Writers. Hosts and organizers danilo and Em are both queer creatives and poets living in Brooklyn, NY.