La Troupe Makandal

At Home in Little Haiti: The Makandal Drum Workshop
Artistic Discipline: Cultural Heritage
Category: Local Arts Support
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Flatbush

La Troupe Makandal, in collaboration with the CUNY Haitian Studies Institute at Brooklyn College, presents At Home in Little Haiti: The Makandal Drum Workshop. The project, meeting weekly from spring through fall, brings students into musical dialogue with masters of the art from Haiti and New York. At Home in Little Haiti—so named for its location in the heart of New York City Council-designated Little Haiti in Flatbush—aims to expand awareness of Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora by way of one of its most outstanding art forms. At this time of crisis in Haiti and among Haitian families in New York, our program will go against the tide of negative media imagery to impart a strong and courageous portrait of the world’s first Black republic.