Nekaa Lab | Sachiyo Takahashi

Shinnai Meets Puppetry: The Peony Lantern
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Brooklyn Empower Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Crown Heights

"Shinnai Meets Puppetry" is an ongoing project of Nekaa Lab / Sachiyo Takahashi (a.k.a. Okamoto Miya) to introduce Shinnai-bushi, a form of traditional Japanese song-storytelling repertoires to international audiences with visual accompaniment from talented puppeteers using a variety of puppetry techniques. For the second chapter of this project, The Peony Lantern, Sachiyo invites Brooklyn-based artist Emma Wiseman as a lead puppeteer to explore a new visual vocabulary of shadow puppetry inspired by Japanese traditional magic lantern techniques, capturing the uncanny beauty of this famous Asian ghost love story. The final show will consist of Okamoto Miya’s live Shinnai-bushi song-storytelling (in Japanese and English), table-top and shadow puppetry, and projection with English subtitles.