Project.KB | Kristina Bermudez

Brownsville Creative Entrepreneurship Programs
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Artistic Discipline: DanceInterdisciplinary
Category: Charlene Victor & Ella J. Weiss Cultural Entrpreneur FundBrooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Brownsville

Project.KB is a Brownsville-based, dance-centered nonprofit arts organization, with the goal to create a thriving local creative community, oriented toward a more harmonious, enlightened, and sustainable future. Our mission is two fold: 1.) To create environmental and social change by utilizing the creative process, 2.) To foster Brownsville's future creative entrepreneurs. At the heart of what we do is delivering value to our community by providing services that directly benefit the community in which we are working. Our organization is actively trying to dismantle and break down the traditional barriers to dance for lower socioeconomic communities. Through Project.KB programming, Brooklyn locals are equipped with cost-free educational opportunities, mental health tools, local performances/events, employment opportunities, and techniques for creative expression that serve to build a sustainable economy for dance. We utilize radical methods of public participation during the creative process to share, educate and present new work, while also promoting mindfulness and mental health, we aim to ensure that this value of inclusivity and accessibility is maintained. We are currently raising funds for the Studio Project, which will enable us to provide a space and a home base for these various programs and events. Project.KB is fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas.