Rooted Theater Company

Linden Park
Artistic Discipline: Performing Arts
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Justice, Equity, & Sustainability
Grant Year: 2023
Location: East New York

Next for June of 2023 we have a our next play "Linden Park" written by Brandice Peltier and Kareem Nemley. A New work set in Brooklyn, East New York about a family/ community trying to make sense of the killing of child prodigy. Can a grieving community turn tragedy into purpose? Peltier and Nemley make a point that challenges the communities perceptions of themselves. Come August Rooted Theater Company has partner with the organizers of "Black Gay Pride". A event that happens every August celebrating the inclusiveness of the rainbow flag in the city of New York. We will be taking part in the pride festivities presenting several short plays representing black, queer culture. October we will continue with our annual festival, The Relevantly Rooted Festival 2024.

Photo by Ian Lyn, 2020