STooPS 10th Anniversary BedStuy Annual Art Crawl
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Local Arts SupportBrooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant

STooPS connects our neighborhood with a big ol' block party, classes, and opportunities for artistic expression in unconventional spaces. Our vision is to make art accessible while valuing creators and honoring the local. Celebrating 10 years of uniting the Bedford-Stuyvesant community, the core of the STooPS BedStuy Annual Art Crawl is based upon different facets of the community engaging and interacting to produce the event. Working with block associations, community gardens, and the community board we secure agreements allowing artists to perform on the stoops of home and business owners for all of the neighborhood to see. We partner with organizations and businesses throughout the community to create networks of supporters and resource sharers in the neighborhood. Come experience incredible, high quality local art and a celebration of the vibrancy of the BedStuy community on Saturday, Jul 29, 2023!

Photo by Bostock Images, 2021