Tables of Contents

Tables of Contents Reading Series
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Sunset Park

Tables of Contents creates unique and delicious gatherings and conversations at the intersections of food, literature, arts, and culture. We open new entry points for discussions that matter, catalyze connections between individuals via the vulnerability of the table, and help create and champion art and media that is grounded, diverse, and visionary. Founded by chef Evan Hanczor in 2012 with a dinner inspired by The Sun Also Rises, Tables of Contents has grown to collaborate with over 175 leading contemporary writers, musicians, and artists at the intersections of food and creativity, including National Book Award Winners, Pulitzer finalists, and literal rock stars. Our curation highlights voices and perspectives that have often been under-considered and the individuals who are building our delicious contemporary canon. Some of the many tables we set include literary tastings and discussions with our favorite authors; a monthly newsletter called A WINNING CAKE; recipes and dinner parties that take you course-by-course through a story; and events, exhibitions, and conversations with minds we admire. In 2021 we released our first print publication, the Tables of Contents Community Cookbook!