The New Consort

Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Prospect Heights

Drawing inspiration from the ancient rite of Compline, The New Consort presents SUNSET, a series of musical experiences to mark the end of the day in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Join us in August and September 2023 for an opportunity to reflect, experience awe, and reconnect with the divine in each of us as the day draws to a close. // Winners of the American Prize in Chamber Music, THE NEW CONSORT is dedicated to exploring the roles that musical ritual and community can play in our modern, increasingly secular lives. Musical juxtaposition is an integral part of our identity: by drawing diverse works into conversation, The New Consort attracts new audiences to classical music and illuminates thematic connections among creators in many genres of musical expression. We are further committed to premiering and highlighting significant new works for voices that think deeply about classical music’s legacy and future, including commissions from Rosśa Crean, Jonathan Woody, Simon Frisch, Hope Littwin, Ethan McGrath, and Sarah Meneely-Kyder.

Photo by Elizabeth van Os, 2019