What Will the Neighbors Say?

At The Barricades
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Local Arts Support
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Bushwick

"At The Barricades" is a new multilingual, source-based music play created by What Will the Neighbors Say? This documentary theater project examines the international volunteers who traveled to Spain between 1936-1939 to fight against Fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Using the true story of twenty students from Brooklyn College who traveled to Spain in 1937 to join the anti-Facist forces as a framing, this play explores the integrated Lincoln Battalion to unpack the nature of resistance and solidarity. What Will the Neighbors Say? is an investigative theatre company that provokes questions through untold stories. Led by a collaborative cohort of international artists, the Neighbors present overlooked social, cultural and historical narratives that challenge the audience to reflect on the current moment. Through a combination of original plays, arts education workshops and dynamic community gatherings, the troupe incites rowdy and rigorous debate at the theatre and throughout the Neighborhood.