Donna Miskend

Eileen Dugan Older Adult Center
"On Nature and Ourselves"
Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Cobble Hill

Donna Miskend is an exhibiting, multimedia artist based in New York. Her art is informed by nature. She is currently focusing on representing flora/fauna/fungi within the botanical/natural science genre as fine art, and as soft activism for environmental advocacy highlighting the beauty of species. As a teaching artist, she looks to inform and encourage her students towards greater appreciation and stewardship of the natural world.

Professional memberships include American Society for Botanical Artists, Tri-State Botanical Artists, NY Mycological Society, along with writing and teaching organizations that promote art in education. Donna participates in the citizen science community, and is working on art/writing projects that speak to an understanding of the interconnectivity of species, the importance of and our reliance on, biodiversity. Artistically she is on a journey of exploration in the ways that nature can be represented and celebrated, and how she can make an impact on the the public through her creative expression. Donna enjoys windowsill gardening, British TV mysteries, and her cabinet of curiosities.

Inspired by nature, "On Nature and Ourselves" is a program where students learn to draw and understand the species subject represented by four seasons, to further an appreciation of them. All peoples have some association with nature as part of their culture, or religion. We are effected by, and dependent on, the natural world. With the threat of environmental collapse, it is imperative that we learn to reconnect, for our wellbeing, to get involved in stewardship, and to ensure the viability of the world we live in. Creating nature centered art, provides the perfect avenue to do that through close observation and personal expression of the natural world.