MingLiang Lu

AMICO 59th St Older Adult Center
"The Evolution of Chinese Characters: A Chinese Calligraphy and Paper Cutting Workshop"
Artistic Discipline: Chinese Calligraphy
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Borough Park

Coming from the city of Shanghai, China 30 years ago, Ming Liang began studying Chinese calligraphy and Chinese brush painting with his father at age of five. Later on, he has also studied arts and sculpture under the tutelage of renowned Shanghai artist, China's famous stone-seal-engraving artist JuLai Chen 陳巨来. Ming Liang has been teaching at New York Chinese Cultural Center since 1998 after he came to United States and has taught Chinese Art and Culture Programs for New York senior centers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens since 2017.

MingLiang will teach Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting; both subjects have been listed in the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Register since 2009. Calligraphy class will give you brief introduction to the history and evolution of Chinese calligraphy. Participants will learn basic techniques of calligraphy structure and layout, and practice the writing using Chinese brush with Chinese ink on Chinese rice paper. Paper cutting class will demonstrate paper cutting, an ancient Chinese art form dating from Han dynasty with traditional designs such as Chinese Zodiac, flowers, and Chinese auspicious characters. Participants will learn to make paper-cut works using paper and scissors.