Pamella Allen

Teresa Moore Older Adult Center
“I Am Here: Exploring Self Through Expressionism in Mixed Media Painting" 
Pronouns: she / her
Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts
Category: SU-CASA
Grant Year: 2023
Location: Fort Greene

Pamella Allen is a Jamaican born, Brooklyn based visual artist in practice for over 30 years who’s works have been exhibited in traditional gallery and non-traditional settings, in site specific public art corporate commissions for healing spaces such as Bellevue Hospital for the HHC Art-In-Medicine program, community centers and private collections across the globe. A largely self-taught expressionist artist Pamella’s work is layered in process. Utilizing traditional acrylic, oil and encaustic painting, printmaking, sculpture, paper making, collage, Installation, photography/video essay & prose to develop her own archetype, a universal language of images inspired by symbolism, indigenous practices and the natural world that speak to the diversity of her Jamaican/African heritage and lived experiences as a woman, an immigrant living in the USA, and a world traveler and sailor. “My works question place, history, culture, ritual and our relationship with our natural landscapes.​

“I Am Here: Exploring Self Through Expressionism in Mixed Media Painting" will explore expressionism in art making by using memory, visualization & observation to create a series of mixed media paintings & works on paper utilizing several techniques and medium in representational and abstract form. As a mirror to my studio process, participants will use personal history and visualization as they expand on prior knowledge and gain new skills in visual artmaking in illustration, printmaking (collagraph & mono), acrylic & watercolor painting (pouring & brushwork), collage, papermaking, and prose (through memory, prompts & auto-writing). In exploring these media participants will create several works on paper & canvas to develop a series of expressionistic works that tell a story or a personal history.