Abigail Levine

Words Begin as Sound, an interdisciplinary and intergenerational conversation
Pronouns: she / her
Artistic Discipline: Dance
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Sunset Park

Words Begin as Sound, an interdisciplinary and intergenerational conversation is an evening of dance and conversation focused on making connections across artistic disciplines and across generations of experimental artists in downtown New York and Brooklyn. The evening will be hosted by Target Margin Theater in their Doxsee Theater in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Choreographer Abigail Levine will present excerpts of a new performance-in-development, Words Begin as Sound, and invite panelists to share snippets of their current work. The evening will gather artists and thinkers to talk in community about cross-disciplinary artistic work and the continuity of this kind of artistic cross-pollination across generations. The evening will include composer Paula Matthusen and dance artist and scholar Kristopher KQ Pourzal, among others. Words Begin as Sound continues Levine’s investigation of the cultural legacy of minimal and conceptual art, an engagement marked by both kinship and critique. These artists Levine reaches back to come from a generation that believed they needed to radically reimagine their world, aesthetically, socially, and politically. The goal in bringing this evening together is to celebrate and question, remember and redress this significant moment in our city and experimental art history.