Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Crown Heights

Taking place in the cavernous gorges of a stone belly -- Marie is exploring the swallowing of violence, rage, and dissent where the wild and primal have lain dormant in the belly’s folds through a dance theater production taking place in abandoned and overlooked sites. From the disruptive fall from grace, violence upon the body, dismemberment, and the defecation of soullessness, the work takes a critical look at female and AFAB Asian stereotypes and the violences they survived, the Filipina woman as the backbone of global care economies, and dismemberment of the body from their land in global genocides from precolonial Philippines to Palestine today.

Sabrina will be having a solo exhibition, ‘Look Me In My Eyes’ at MyGallery NYC in Crown Heights, BK October 2024. This body of work will consist of 3-4 large scale sculptures, a video art piece and performance. Through various mediums and rooted in Filipinx cosmologies, Sabrina alludes to the Mother Figure (Mother Earth, Mother Waters), the feminine source that evokes the divine and transformational energies. She imagines that the matriarchs in her lineage embody these powers, the only reason they have been able to overcome such deep struggle inflicted by external factors, like rebelling against the Marcos dictatorship and successfully migrating to new lands.

'Metro Glyphs' - What once was a backstreet in the old warehouse district of Crown Heights is rapidly turning into a developer's dream/neighbor's nightmare. Three recently constructed massive high end residential blocks threaten the small scale and intimate fabric of Pacific Street. Giovanni looks to activate the street with a vibrant lavender purple mural on the face of a newly established artist/craft community space MetroCraft, a community-oriented space of gathering and construction, lead by him.