Brandon Woolf

"The Stinking Nose"
Pronouns: he / him
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Williamsburg

Brandon Woolf, Leonie Bell, and Matt Korahais host a dinner/performance starring garlic. The audience is fed with both food and theater, all in an attempt to “get” – smell and taste and listen to – the garlic and its history through performance, dance, song, clove-nose-Groucho-glasses, scientific lectures, personal anecdotes, ASMR Noir, and consensual smell-a-strations. This household allium has a tragic history. Since at least the Middle Ages, it has been grossly misappropriated by bigots as a derogatory symbol for the stink of the Other: migrating and oppressed peoples around the globe. It is also a beacon of resistance and fortitude both in our kitchens and out in the wild, fighting its enemies with Allicin and aroma. Thinking vegetally, with the garlic as our guide, we discuss and discurse early Austrian rhinoplasties, what we know about what the nose knows, Freud's own penchant for sniffing over seeing, pickled codes of solidarity, and of course, how to make a Sunday sauce. We’re following our noses, and while we can’t promise where we’re going, we hope where we wind up will be delicious, even if it stinks. Do you smell what we’re cooking?