Magical Encounters at Adams Street Library
Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: DUMBO

Magical Encounters at Adams Street Library is a series of free bilingual (Spanish & English) and inclusive Art Workshops. The focus theme for the workshops is "Climate Change and Selfcare," focusing on channeling the anxiety produced by the current global warming and ecological crisis. The project aims to engage families, teens, and older adults in art workshops that address these pressing issues while promoting self-expression and self-care. This unique opportunity for intergenerational learning allows families and older adults to share their experiences and perspectives, making them feel valued and included. The art forms that will be explored in the workshops include drawing, painting, modeling, bookmaking, and typography. Participants will work with various materials such as markers, stencils, air-dry clay, acrylics, canvas, and fabric. Cazorla and Saleme are a Latinx artist duo, an aunt and a niece, who have combined their artistic strengths to create public art that blends cultures and empowers communities. The team's educational approach creates a safe, comfortable, and dynamic learning environment, prioritizing the participant experience. “We aim to stimulate dialogue on climate justice, looking at the impact of environmental changes on our region and fostering a sense of responsibility towards a sustainable future.” - Cazorla + Saleme.