Circus Amok

Circus Amok
Artistic Discipline: Performing Arts
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Justice, Equity, & Sustainability
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Fort Greene

With Naomi Klein and Doppelgängers Galore as their muse, Circus Amok's 2024 Parks Tour production falls down the rabbit hole of mirrored realities. In this swirl of elections and eclipses and earthquakes, they bring you hijinks, hysterics, dazzling circus skills and other double-visionary exhortations. "The Double, or, The Wisdom of the Owl", touring all June, will amaze and astound audiences in a thrilling escapade of life under fascism, dystopia vs. utopia and the future of our beloved New York City. Amok visits public parks from Coney Island to Greenpoint with its multi-talented six-member ring troupe and five-piece band, delighting and inciting audiences throughout the city with astounding acrobats, jaunty jugglers and dandy dogma – it’s fierce, funny, and fabulous! "The Double, or, The Wisdom of the Owl" continues Amok's radical experiment of bringing free queer art into public spaces. The fun-for-all-ages, gender-bending production proves that everyone thrives when the community is fabulous and fair. Circus Amok invites audiences from all corners of the world into their raging queer utopia, pushing exuberantly at the edges of our drab norms. Join them for the breakdown and the shake-up!