Dishman + Co. Choreography

Artistic Discipline: Dance
Category: Brooklyn Arts FundLocal Arts Support
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Greenpoint

Dishman + Co.’s newest full-length dance Belly digests singular artistic voices through collaborative "embodied dialogues". The work’s name invokes the intimate space that gathers and connects separate elements to nourish a larger whole. In a deep digestive process, our bellies synergize diverse ingredients to integrate and empower a complex body; Belly connects 9 distinct artists in intimate movement dialogues to feed a powerful communal presence shaped and strengthened by diverse voices. In Part 1 of this 60-minute work, Dishman + Co.’s singular dance artists converse in movement with a commissioned musical score by experimental cellist-composer Okorie Johnson. Part 2 re-dances this choreography, this time in dialogue with a new score by funk multi-instrumentalist Ran Dosis. He composed the music in response to Part 1’s movement, which the dancers shared with him in silence. Though unaware of the original music, Ran Dosis converses with Okorie, whose artistic voice resonates through the physical energies of the dance. Presented side by side, the two musical environments become contrasting “bellies" that digest the movement differently, transforming the dance for both viewer and performer.