Kiire Wellness

"Breathing with Ori"
Artistic Discipline: Cultural Heritage
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Bedford-Stuyvesant

Breathing with Ori focuses on Respiratory Rituals, aka Breathwork, from Black Folx and traditions around the African Diaspora. Chronicling the essential components of traditional, sacred Orisha dance, drum and song, Baba Oludare aka Baba Olu or Réré designs curriculums and curates spaces for people to learn the ways that Africans in the diaspora have practiced breathwork, wellness, meditation, mindfulness and holistic emotional health throughout, before and after the transatlantic human chattel slave trade of his ancestors to the Americas. Baba Oludare asks the world, “who taught my ancestors the mindfulness, meditation or breathwork for surviving slave ships, apartheid, genocide, red lining, ghettoization etc.?” Breathing with Ori looks to the consciousness of those who have lived, died, and sacrificed for the wellness of African peoples around the world. That is not everybody. So when there is wellness & meditation taught in Black communities, there is also a missing opportunity to strengthen the connection between Black people, their culture and the ancestrally embedded intention of healing within it. Baba Oludare and Kiire Wellness continue teaching Afro Ancestral respiratory rituals so that kids, adults and elders of the African Diaspora and beyond can honor & benefit from the wellness within African tradition.