Sugar Vendil

"Scenes from Childhood"
Pronouns: she / they
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Williamsburg

In an evening of kaleidoscopic sound and movement, Sugar Vendil demonstrates her range as an interdisciplinary artist. Vendil will share a set of new solo compositions for piano, voice, and live electronics, and a preview of her ensemble piece Antonym: the opposite of nostalgia with her performance group and collaborators, Isogram. While contrasting in scale and form, both works stem from Vendil’s childhood experiences, where boredom and loneliness yielded creativity and self-reliance (e.g., being a sort of one-womyn-band in her solo project) and a desire to reflect on those experiences as a grown-up (Antonym). Antonym: the opposite of nostalgia is a memoir of a Filipinx childhood that excavates insignificant yet indelible experiences and incorporates field recordings of NYC, using the four seasons as a cyclical time frame and context for memory. Sugar Vendil / Isogram: Cindy Lan, performer, violinist; Annie Nikunen, performer, flutist; Marie Lloyd Paspe, dancer, vocalist; Annie Wang, dancer, vocalist; Sugar Vendil, composer, choreographer, performer, pianist