The Radishes

Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2024
Location: Fort Greene

Radishes is a medieval, queer fairytale amongst the trees that explores the platonic intimacy between two friends, Princess Cabbage and Prince Radicchio, as the latter prepares for a dinner with his suitor, a fellow prince. The characters don garments made of cabbage leaves, corsets of asparagus, a pea-embellished coif, and other earthy vestments. In this world, the act of dressing transcends mechanical functionality. These provisions become an ephemeral second-skin; a vehicle for play and individuation, before their own decay and regeneration. The film opens on an artichoke leaf ouroboros with a radish as its serpentine head. Radicchio fiddles with it, nervously grasping the weight of a symbol that invokes the unity of all things, material and spiritual, and their constant rebirth. Radicchio’s best friend, Cabbage, finishes dressing him for the feast and prepares him to bid farewell to their childhood naivety as Radicchio anticipates his first time “eating,” for in this world, people eat by adorning themselves with food. Actually putting the food in one’s mouth, however—tasting and consuming—is reserved for true intimacy. As prepared as he will ever be for this big moment, Cabbage places the ouroboros necklace in his hands, and sends him on his way.