Alec Galambos

Mobility of Light
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Prospect Park South

KHORIKOS is an NYC-based vocal ensemble, collectively governed and laser-focused on their mission to show audiences how music reveals us, broadens us, and makes us better. KHORIKOS is the sole project of Dorian Artists Corp., a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization.

Composer, conductor, and immersive audio designer Alec Galambos has served as KHORIKOS’s principal conductor since 2016. His work explores the expressive depth of vocal music and the creative potential of new technology. Alec aims to write emotionally exposed music that breaks down boundaries between performers and listeners.

In the contemporary world, new technology is often weaponized and used to oversimplify, radicalize, and divide. By using brand new tools and techniques in concert with an instrument as organic and communicative as the human voice, this piece will aim to show the potential that immersive media has for cultivating empathy and connectedness.

KHORIKOS creates a spatial audio and 360-degree video piece that pairs original music for choir with original visuals powered by volumetric capture of the performers. Inspired by poet Nicole Brossard’s collection “Mobility of Light,” Alec writes music that features a 30-voice choir juxtaposed with a smaller group of solo singers uses volumetric capture tools to film and recreate their performance of the piece. An ambisonic microphone records in every direction, capturing a sense of the singers’ positions in space. By recording in two different locations in 2020—the choir in a reverberant cathedral and the small group in a quiet studio—and combining the results, KHORIKOS hopes to create an otherworldly virtual space, prompting the viewer/listener to consider themes of intimacy, abstraction, and communication.