Emily Lobsenz

"The Clock"
Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Fort Greene

“The Clock” grew from a confluence of women's stories; those recounted by an abortion provider's experiences in Chinese and U.S. clinics, indigenous women's perspectives of ecological regeneration and Emily Lobsenz’ experiences in using sports technology as a female athlete. She challenges herself to take risks by constantly exploring new genres and styles of filmmaking and craft unique characters moving through compelling worlds to disrupt expectations and shock the viewer into a new experience. This film is a creative means to explore crucial-social issues and aims to open our minds to the sustainable and nurturing realities humanity can achieve.

Featuring an almost exclusively female cast and crew, the clock is set in 2040, when Earth has become a feminist utopia. Octavia shows Mel how to use the Abortion App on her Clock. This biometric device, invented by Octavia, gives women precise control over their reproductive systems. But, when Mel pries into the history of the Clock's invention, she tears open the dark secrets of Octavia’s tragic sacrifices in sparking this new world order.

Although Lobsenz wrote this script in 2015, it’s become increasingly timely as women's reproductive rights, environmental disasters, and international conflicts claim headlines. This film proposes a new perspective on not only how people consider highly-politicized issues surrounding who ought to control women’s bodies, but also more mundane realities of how women have to morph our identities/bodies to fit into a patriarchal system.

When Mel questions Octavia's past motives, viewers at first suspect Octavia but then slowly realize that Mel takes her freedom for granted; she’s even oblivious to her direct connection to horrific recent history. All are all guilty of that today; the march of progress is not always forward and official histories are not always the truth.