Joanna Gawrys-Dyjak

World Evoke
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Coney Island

Joanna Gawrys-Dyjak is a professional artist, designer, and art educator. She is passionate about art and the ability to empower people, communities and societies. Gawrys-Dyjak loves to bring art into the public and expose new audiences. She creates art because she is passionate about making art that awakens creativity and builds a safe space for people to explore their creative potential.

Gawrys-Dyjak’s World Evoke will reach out to children from low-income and immigrant families from the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, and increase access to art and culture resources in their community. The project will increase the childrens’ ability to be seen as people as opposed to extensions of their household, realizing that they have a right to flourish and enjoy their childhood; it is society’s responsibility is to protect those rights.

Project activities will take place at Community Center of Luna Park Housing Complex and using different mediums including paint, sculpture, theatre, drawing, and craft to address different social issues and, in turn, take action. Social issues covered in the program will include bullying, animal cruelty, electronic addiction, and cynicism. Students, all of whom will be under five years of age, will be introduced to fundamental painting techniques and styles, from classicism to murals.