Joanna Futral

Dance in Bushwick
Artistic Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Bushwick

Dance in Bushwick aims to grow and cultivate the Bushwick dance and art communities and showcase the outstanding spaces the neighborhood has to offer. They produce, present, and promote great interdisciplinary dance works by and for Bushwick.

Dance in Bushwick began as a way for dancers in north Brooklyn to find a more finely focused spotlight on movement based work in their area. Their small shows quickly became popular and enjoyed by both dancers and the general public alike. Dance in Bushwick offers three distinct types of events, called Dance in Bushwick, Meet in Bushwick, and Experiment in Bushwick. Dance is the most curated experience, where they weave a narrative via thoughtful prompts for a small number of dance groups to find interplay between disciplines and desires. Meet in Bushwick is our discussion series, where they invite technical artists to come discuss their craft and connect it more directly with dance design and production. Their Experiment series is a more short-form platform for works in progress and experiments outside an artist’s norm. They produce 9 events a year of their own, and co-produce 2-5 others. Dance in Bushwick pays for shows out of pocket, and use any funds raised to pay the artists.

By offering fully formed dance shows, Dance in Bushwick connects with local businesses and venues to work with a format outside of their usual norms and give more dimension to their flourishing spaces. The project is vital to the continuation of artistic momentum provided by the artists, makers, neighborhood businesses, and Bushwick’s burgeoning neighborhood itself in this time of growth and artistic explosion.