Sherley Davilmar

Yanvalou: A Sacred Dance in Haiti
Artistic Discipline: Folk Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2020
Location: Flatlands

Sherley Davilmar is passionate about using arts administration to champion Haitian folk dances. She desires to help artists, like herself, who speak Haiti’s Creole language to increase their proficiency and create high-quality work.

Facilitated by Maxine Hamilton Alexander, Yanvalou: A Sacred Dance in Haiti aims to transform the lives of Creole-speaking artists in Central Brooklyn. The program is broken up into two master class sessions. The first is underpinned by an assessment delivered through an interactive approach that measures knowledge and commitment levels and identifies strengths, weaknesses, and sameness. It also encourages openness. The second session, a think tank, covers governance and the cultural value triangle. These professional development events aim to help the team craft a strong mission that is aligned with both Yanvalou’s mission and purpose, set short- and long-term goals based on the values, and quickly map out an agenda.