Ochion Jewell & Cat Toren

Brooklyn Living Room Sessions
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Brooklyn Living Room Sessions is a new kind of video/audio performance podcast series coming in 2021. Connecting Brooklyn’s innovative improvisational musicians and "the scene" to local and international audiences by way of collaborative performances and informative, entertaining interviews, contemporary duo (and hosts) Ochion Jewell and Cat Toren hope to bring the unseen, underground, everyday event known as the "session" to the world. They will interview and perform with a dynamic mix of world-renowned and undiscovered talent, crossing various styles, genres, and conceptual idioms (contemporary, traditional, jazz, folk, and "other"), to exhibit and promote the diversity and artistic life of a scene that has been battered and nearly extinguished - though still vibrant with life, beauty, and energy - in the past year. The hosts will also promote local venues and conduct interviews with event coordinators, club owners, and venue operators, all culminating in fresh, new performances and exhibition of an unparalleled music scene, available for free to anyone who is enlivened by art, music, improvisation, or Brooklyn culture.