Oluwaseyi Awoyomi

"Heal our Land (S.E.E.)"
Artistic Discipline: Visual ArtsLiterary Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Brooklyn

This project titled "Heal our Land (S.E.E.)" is a movement to align our thoughts and actions to the healing of our land, our existence, and the community and our mind. We will be using art as a language and beads medium as the dialect of choice to communicate through our Next-Gen lenses.

This seven-week-long creative journey will include seven carefully selected children each week for a 2-hour session leading up to an open-air Exhibition.

As a people, Covid 19 has served as an agent to allow us time to think, reflect, slow down, and examine ourselves and our existence more than before. It is highly crucial that we now take this unique time to share from now on. This project (Share, Engage, and Empower) will help foster the advancement and improvement required for a better tomorrow through the perspective of our children.

The birth of this movement goes beyond the physical. It is a project beyond one's ability, but that of a collective community, coming together for a common goal from an artistic lens. While we communicate using art, the dialect of choice here is the artistic or creative medium using seed beads.

This is a social movement to create the changes we want to see and empower enough people to communicate and transcend into that change.