Rachel Garber Cole

The Warmest Years of Record: An oral history of life on a rapidly warming planet
Artistic Discipline: Literary Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Red Hook

The Warmest Years on Record: An Oral History (2018-ongoing) is an oral history project that collects audio recorded conversations with people about their sensorial, emotional, and psychological experiences of living in the climate crisis. We ask, what does it feel like to experience an unseasonably warm day? What changes have we noticed in our local landscapes? What have we lost? What do we feel hopeful for? And how does this ongoing change shift the ways we understand our past, present and future?

Thanks to a grant from the Brooklyn Arts Council, The Warmest Years on Record will be partnering with community organizations to focus on hyper-local histories of climate change — interviewing people in close relation to create an intimate archive of this moment of profound transition. These interviews will be available in full to the public in the project’s archive, and will additionally be presented in a public exhibition in the fall of 2021.