Steps Theatre & Production Company

“White on White”
Artistic Discipline: MultidisciplinaryTheater
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Brooklyn

“White on White” is a Steps Theatre Production, based on the play by Mayia Pramatarova which was inspired by the life and work of Emily Dickinson. This production will allow our audiences to delve into Dickinson’s life and verses. For our spectators, this show will bring to life an important part of American literary history. Emily Dickinson wrote nearly 2,000 poems which are considered to be one of the greatest bodies of work ever written in English. During her lifetime almost none of them were published or recognized. Even if she didn’t receive recognition in her lifetime, can we understand her better in the modern-day? “Saying nothing sometimes says the most,” Emily Dickinson wrote in a letter to her aunt in 1874. The main character of “White on White” is a homeless woman, former actress, who reads too much and talks even more. She exists in the present, but her thoughts live in the era of Emily Dickinson. Emily is the woman's muse, friend, and lover. This is the story of a person from a small town with big dreams. This is a story many of us can relate to. What keeps a person going when society defines them as a loser? This play explores the crossroads of documentary and fiction, the real and surreal, the simultaneous grotesqueness and poetry of life. We keep revising our idea of Emily Dickinson, our image of her changing constantly. We may never fully grasp it but this work helps our audience open their eyes to see and accept the diversity of the soul.