Steve Cossman

Mono No Aware Film
Artistic Discipline: Film/Video
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2021
Location: Downtown Brooklyn

OPEN AIR SCREENING SERIES allows for original 16mm film viewing from the sidewalk with social and physical distance guidelines in place. Original 16mm film prints are projected, on loop, from dusk until dawn onto the surface of the large rear windows at 72 Rockwell Place, in Downtown Brooklyn. Accessible by A,C,E,2,3,4,5,B,D,N,Q,R, & G Subway lines, B25,B26,B52,B41,B45,B67,B103, & B38 Bus lines, by car, by bike, by foot and wheelchair the screening series is free, all ages, and open to the public. The screening venue has been provided by the 501c3 cinema-arts non-profit organization, MONO NO AWARE. Each presenting artist receives an honorarium to support their film making practice. Each artist is asked to select a social justice group or NGO with which they are members of and/or share concern. While the screenings are free to attend, donations are encourages and any contribution made over the duration of the screening weekend benefit these groups.