Hook & Eye Theater

Echo Lake
Artistic Discipline: Theater
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Downtown Brooklyn

Told in a non-linear style, Echo Lake is a story of two families inextricably linked. Performed through multiple modalities of soundscape, movement, and scene work, it is part kitchen-table drama and part space-age podcast. With conceptual sets, a robust audio world, and narrative that slides back and forth from spaceship to earth, between truth and fiction, in Farsi and English, our play functions as a cultural mirror for here and now. We open deep in the inky well of space and far in the future. A starship, Daffodil, hurtles through the abyss, it’s hull full of stored artificial consciousness - the winners of a final culture war. Everyone aboard is a digital file. Aboard Daffodil, we meet the Conductors. They are charged with piecing together our history using data humankind has left in the cloud. They are, well, space nuns? One story they are struggling to assemble for Eternal Storage is our narrative of two families -- of two distinct classes -- against the backdrop of Echo Lake, New Hampshire, in 2006.

Image: God Is A Verb. Photo by Mitch Dean, 2015.