Irene Koloseus | Sound Bridges | Circuit Productions

Brooklyn Senior Center Concert Series 2022 with Sound Bridges in collaboration with Circuit Productions
Artistic Discipline: Dance
Category: Brooklyn Arts FundLocal Arts Support
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Brownsville

Sound Bridges is a New York-based company with a mission to explore world music and dance in order to create new works fusing several genres: West African, flamenco, tap, and jazz. While staying true to their roots, the collective is interested in constructing new rhythmic conversations. Dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of percussive dance and music, Sound Bridges aims to inform, educate and entertain through the universal language of rhythm, promoting the ideal of friendship, tolerance and cultural understanding among people of all nations. Sound Bridge’s critically acclaimed musicians and dancers captivate audiences with their infectious rhythms and mesmerizing movements, allowing the audience to fall in love with new cultures. The Project “Brooklyn Senior Center Concert Series 2022” offers five free concerts in Senior Centers in several Brooklyn neighborhoods. The shows highlight a new and exciting blend of styles. Through a thoughtful balance of improvisation and composition, they create fluid, cross-genre rhythmic compositions, which aim to entertain and inspire. Members of Sound Bridges span four continents, come from diverse artistic backgrounds and carry a unique passion for their craft.

Photo by Chad, December 2019.