Melvin Isaac

Melvins Black Art Perspective Collection
Artistic Discipline: Visual Arts
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022

This is an 3-5 pop-up educational art exhibition for about 50 children each time in order to continue the legacy of my ancestors and civil rights leaders who sacrifice their lives to free black people from in-equality, racism, white supremacy and many more ism that society have feed into. I will execute this project along with many others such as, community organizers & leaders, community centers leaders, youth organizers, young artists, and adults. All will definitely benefit because it is providing positive roles models and education for everyone. The project is a showcase of artists, communicating the stories, sights and sounds of a people's experience from the homeland to their travels across the seas to new lands. The goals is to reach and transform people lives through the powerful therapeutic effect of a series of Black Art Collections. The intended outcomes are to be able to address the social negative norms of our society and turn it into a positive way through art.

Image: Melvin's atwork, June 2021.