Mil's Trills

Mil's Trills Kids Open Mic "Night"
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Mil’s Trills is a Brooklyn-based children's music project dedicated to creating positive inclusive experiences that strive to engage and embrace young audiences and families through music. Through joyful live shows, albums, and collaborative songwriting workshops and virtual sessions, we work to find new creative ways of bringing people together towards an equitable and peaceful global community. Mil's Trills songwriting experiences are grounded in their Messy Music Method – a play-centered highly- responsive approach to music-making that activates creativity free of standards, judgment and criticism. With a focus on process over product, we explore perspectives through a lens of curiosity & improvisation. Life is Messy. Let’s teach it that way! Mils Trills is based in Brooklyn, NY and led by GRAMMY® nominated producer Amelia Robinson who writes and performs original lively tunes with the help of her audiences and a rotating cast of musical guests. She has released three award winning albums (Parents’ Choice, NAPPA) with her latest, Let It Out, paired with a social emotional curriculum to help youth identify, accept, understand and process emotions.

Photo by Daryl Getman