Noa Fort

You Hear Me Hear You
Artistic Discipline: Music
Category: Brooklyn Arts Fund
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Flatbush

'You Hear Me Hear You' is a series of participatory outdoor concerts presented in different settings (porches, community gardens, etc) throughout Flatbush, Kensington and East Flatbush area. The concerts will feature small ensembles of Brooklyn based musicians whose practice is focused on creative and real time engagement with the setting, audience, and environment. Each concert will include a portion of audience participation, allowing the participants to hear and be heard, and take part in music making as more than just listeners. The series will run in the warmer months and will be free to the public. 'You Hear Me Hear You' explores the relationship between audience and performers in a time when performers are learning to adapt to an evolving world, where a pandemic and climate change are present more than ever. Through-composed songs, free improvisation, and musical interaction between the audience and the performers will come together to blur the line between the roles of the performer and of the audience. Borrowing from her experience as a musician and a music therapist, Fort strongly believes that blending those experiences can bring healing to our society.

Photo by Erika Kapin