Salomé Egas

Más que un Pétalo
Artistic Discipline: MultidisciplinaryPerforming Arts
Category: Creative Equations Fund: Advocacy & Immigrant Voices
Grant Year: 2022
Location: Williamsburg

“Más que un pétalo” is a multidisciplinary performance and workshop series deconstructing the immigrant experience in the United States. Using dance, theater, textile arts, music and video, the performance invites audiences to see the immigration experience through the eyes of a taxo flower, “Tauzhu Sisa”, an Ecuadorian native plant. The flower, dressed in a costume hand-sewn by the artist, starts losing its petals as a take on the game “loves me, loves me not.” As each petal is taken off, words categorizing immigrants such as “welcomed” or “not “welcomed” are exposed. The flower soon realizes that these labels carry the same weight of being wanted and then not wanted by a country and its peoples - a constant emotional rollercoaster. The flower is left to rediscover her worth beyond these labels, her “petals”. The workshop series will engage immigrants in NYC to reclaim our intrinsic value. By looking at our cultural contributions and economic impact (, together we will create our own self-worth immigration document. This project aims to bring audiences on a journey of radical love and empowerment of immigrant narratives. Project supported by: Studio Maya, Suite V Brooklyn, MOtiVE Brooklyn, The Exponential Festival and the Ecuadorian American Cultural Center.